McGregor vs Mayweather Fight: Conor predicts his win by knock out Floyd

There is no way to refuse that Conor has taken more than a few theatrical, verbal and lifestyle signs from Mayweather. The Irish UFC champion McGregor has long been a learner of combat sports. Conor has grown up from his teenage years through some financial problem days in his twenty’s to his current positions. Now he is a multi-millionaire world champion who has 2 championship title at the same time and that the first time in UFC history. Ever since he deposed Jos’ Aldo in late 2015, Conor has been Number 1 of the MMA world champion.

McGregor looks confident about enough
McGregor looks confident about enough

McGregor scheduled a short-notice fight against Nate Diaz and result was lost then won then the rematch. Finally, he beat Eddie Alvarez to add the 155lbs belt. There is a possibility of another super-fight in the near future with Georges St-Pierre. There has been a dishonorable rumor that McGregor’s debut on professional boxing against Floyd Mayweather is just for money.

Really Mayweather vs McGregor Fight fixed considering Money only?

But to prove Mayweather vs McGregor fight will be a true fight, His training team back him up on this claim that McGregor truly believes boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather can be defeated. Although he is very unprofessional in boxing, McGregor believes he can make it happen when he will be in the ring.

Conor McGregor Irish UFC Star
Conor McGregor Irish UFC Star

Here I am giving you some tweet of McGregor regarding Mayweather fight. If you check his tweet then you can see some interesting thought.

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight:  Conor tweets about his predictions


As we all now know, Conor McGregor will fight against Floyd Mayweather on August 26 in Vegas. We may expect McGregor will not follow the real boxing style of fighting to stop boxing superstar Mayweather but that’s all Irish UFC star Conor McGregor has.

Earlier, Conor has removed tweets about retirement updates and especially prejudicial one about Dennis Siver but we hope this posts should stay up there. There is some sign of respect, but that whisper of absent to overcome the greatest boxer of his generation is definitely there.

McGregorpredect his win over Mayweather fight

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight will be the biggest fight of the fight history

The McGregor,28-year-old UFC star who often calls himself ‘Mystic Mac’ has a well-known ability for predicting the results of his fights. Irish UFC star McGregor has forecasted that he will knock Mayweather out when they will fight. Previous week Conor upload a pics in social media to show off a mega mural at his gym, where he knocking out legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather. The UFC star showed off the painting on Instagram alongside the caption “I am a filthy Irish animal”.