Mayweather’s start his training to defeat McGregor on the biggest fight on 26 August

Floyd Mayweather- Boxing Leagend
Floyd Mayweather- Boxing Legend

Mayweather give permission to enter cameras into his first training session. We all know that Mayweather take retirement from boxing and he is out of the ring for long time since he defeated Andre Berto on Sep. 12, 2015 . After that win Mayweather decide to go for retirement form boxing and his record set to 49-0.

But he announced to return inside the ring considering the huge request from his fans and he is decide to fight against UFC start Conor McGregor scheduled on August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena.

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Venue
Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Venue

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight Update news

On the other hand, Conor also start his training to make him ready for the toughest competitor and he already shared some photos of his training. In his training facility there is giant mural of Conor McGregor knocking Floyd Mayweather out.

Conor McGregor's training facility
Conor McGregor’s training facility

Floyd Mayweather also release an inside look of his training facility, TenGoose Boxing Gym in Van Nuysand, California and how he is preparing for the mega fight. He is allowing some members of the media, including, access to the facility.

Watch this vide for Mayweather training season for Mayweather vs McGregor Fight